The sunflower is regarded in many cultures as a strong and positive symbol, a blessing
bestowed on earth to raise spirits, hope and enlightenment
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Many children, experience the sadness of loss, illness or bereavement, with no emotional outlet or channel of addressing the issue within the school or community framework.

#SUNFLOWERPOWER is a humble way of helping fill this void. 

A small inspirational act of growing sunflowers as a form of dedication and remembrance that is beneficial not only to the individual/groups/classes who are planting the seeds, but also to the community and visual townscape in general.

#SUNFLOWERPOWER is hoping that children (and adults) will grow a couple of sunflowers for people they miss, loved or have lost.

The aim is to plant the seeds not only in school, but also in safe alternative spaces around the town creating an exciting ‘guerilla’ act vibe to the activity (an activity which is legal:) )

This is a simple and easy to implement concept. 




The Project

The #SUNFLOWERPOWER project was devised in 2017 by Grammy nominated TV Producer James Whetherly and Art Directed by Sunil Pawar. This was and still is a homegrown project, but #SUNFLOWERPOWER  has seemed to strike a chord with many, a positive simple message that has been shared worldwide.